Casino Perks and Surveillance


In order to boost their sales, casinos offer a variety of perks. Many casinos have their own comp programs that reward “good” players with free slot play and other amenities. These perks can range from food and drink specials to free show tickets. Some of these casinos have programs that are similar to airline frequent flier programs, allowing members to earn points for every visit. The best part is that these programs also serve as valuable marketing tools for the casino. These programs also help the casino create patron databases that can be used for advertising and for trend tracking.

In addition to offering a range of games, casinos also have special rooms dedicated to high rollers. These people are wealthy individuals who spend more money than average. Their stakes can often be tens of thousands of dollars. The casino makes a significant profit from these players, as they enjoy lavish personal attention and receive comps worth tens of thousands of dollars. The average casino gamer is 46 years old, a female, and from a household that makes an above-average income.

Although casinos can’t prevent robberies, they can control them through surveillance. Some casinos have catwalks installed in the ceiling of the casino floor. This gives surveillance personnel a direct view of players. These catwalks also feature one-way glass, allowing surveillance personnel to see the floor from above. These methods of surveillance help the casinos manage their money, as they can cover the costs of hiring surveillance personnel. These security systems aren’t perfect, but they can help them control a potential threat to their business.